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Cover Supervisor Training: E Learning Course

£49.00 £20.00

This 90 minute E Learning workshop provides new and experienced Cover Supervisors with the essential knowledge and skills required to be a success in the classroom! Delivered by an experienced school senior leader using video, audio and interactive elements.



Things you need to know

· Delivery: accessible on our e learning platform
· Access: you will have access to the course material for up to 4 weeks
· Log on: unique details will be sent to you after you have purchased the course
· Duration: approximately 90 minutes
· Contains: video, audio and interactive elements
· Facilitator: an experienced school senior leader
· How do I begin: as soon as you have completed the purchase you will be e mailed the link to our online learning platform where you will gain access to the course

You will cover these modules

· Module 1 – Setting the Scene. Includes: What is a Cover Supervisor? Entry requirements, Key education terminology and Types of schools.
· Module 2 – Safeguarding. Includes: What is safeguarding? What is Child Protection? How to deal with a referral and Different types of abuse.
· Module 3 – Behaviour Management. Includes: Why children misbehave? Developing positive relationships with students and Behaviour management techniques.
· Module 4 – An Effective Cover Supervisor. Includes: How to deliver an effective cover lesson, Understanding lesson plans and Useful hints and tips.


· You will be assessed by 20 multiple choice questions at the end of the course.

Progression Opportunities

· On completion you will be able to gain paid work as a Cover Supervisor*

Course Costs

· £49.00

*Conditions apply e.g. suitable references of working with young people, full compliance checks and suitable job opportunities must exist.


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